Understanding IP Targeting Basics: Easy as 1-2-3

Posted by George Irish on October 19, 2016

Successful marketing demands that the product or service be located in the right place. In fact, that's one of the 4 P's of the marketing concept. Traditional marketer advertising efforts struggled with getting their message to their preferred audience, and considered reaching a small percentage of potential customers a victory. For example, a billboard may reach tens of thousands of people, but the message may only be relevant for a few dozen.

With the evolution of digital marketing, IP targeting is now an integral tool to secure your product's place. Clever marketers understand and commit time to making sure this comes to fruition.

Understanding the important of Internet Protocol (IP) targeting, how it benefits your company, and the potential ethical concerns are as easy as 1-2-3.

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Get the Best Financial Website Design by Knowing What You Need

Posted by Lindsay Borgen on October 14, 2016
The Best Financial Website Design
A strategy defining the goals of a financial institution website is an important value creation tool that is beneficial to its stakeholders. Financial institution website designs are most effective when they identify your company brand and unique voice while reflecting a responsive relationship with your customer base. Research and consultation in the areas of employees, sales, web editing, management, and marketing, is necessary to create the most well-informed design decisions.
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The 411: Social Selling All Salespeople Need to Understand

Posted by George Irish on October 7, 2016

With hundreds of tasks on their plate and a seemingly unattainable goal over their heads, it's easy to understand why 100-mile-an-hour salespeople don't automatically stop to embrace and learn new ideas. What if it's a waste of time? What if it shows little return on investment (ROI). 

Social selling may seem like such an obstacle. Who has the time to build a profile, share information, and connect with potential buyers? Why would a successful sales person disrupt their groove for something that's unproven?

The answer is because it works. Better. Faster. Smarter.

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How Proving Marketing ROI Can Help with your Future Bank Marketing

Posted by Lindsay Borgen on September 20, 2016

If you want to market your bank to potential clients as successfully as possible, there are a few things that you need to do. Proving marketing ROI is one of them, and it is extremely important. You should use all of the necessary and available tools in order to determine and analyze ROI, so that you can continually optimize your marketing campaigns for success. Additionally, proving marketing ROI to C-suite and board members will help justify and even expand your bank’s marketing budget, ultimately leading to more new customer acquisition. The following are strategies and equations you can use to prove your bank’s marketing ROI.

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Lipstick On A Pig: Why You Need A Complete Website Overhaul

Posted by George Irish on August 29, 2016

While companies are convinced of a website's importance in branding their message and widening their reach, some decision makers balk at forking over financial resources to modernize and optimize the company's site.

This is a whopper of a mistake.

A website is the face of your company, and is frequently the first taste a potential client nibbles of your brand. An outdated, difficult to maneuver, or poorly laid out site sends potential clients scurrying toward the fresher websites of your competitors.

Maybe you think a simple tweak of your current site puts you back on a level playing field, with less time spent and fewer dollars forked over. We hate to burst your bubble, but there are several reasons your company needs to commit to a complete overhaul, instead of tossing good money into a redesign that won't eliminate your site's issues.

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