Who's Crushing it? Top Ten Social Selling Influencers on LinkedIn

Posted by George Irish on July 26, 2016

Social selling is a formidable tool to connect with potential buyers and end up with more closed business. Whether you have been working on your social selling game, or are just considering jumping into it, here are ten social selling powerhouses that are crushing it.

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Four Ways You Have Already Been Social Selling on LinkedIn

Posted by George Irish on July 14, 2016

When sales people hear "social selling" some of them immediately dread learning something new, which, in their minds, may or may not work. Before you pooh-pooh social selling LinkedIn, you need to consider you may already be using social selling tools to sell!

What? How did these process sneak it's way in? Read on for four ways you have most likely already been social selling.

You have a LinkedIn profile.

Chances are great you already created a profile. Participating in LinkedIn is embracing social selling, even if you didn't know it.

How to get more out of it? Ramp up your efforts by adding a killer professional photograph, searching every so often for targeted leads, and finding a common ground to approach and connect with them.

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5 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Build Your Social Selling Profile

Posted by George Irish on June 30, 2016

It's a fact that more people than ever are beginning their buying journey on social media. If you aren't participating in social selling, you are missing out on opportunities to create profitable, long-term relationships with clients.

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Topics: b2b sales, social selling, social selling linkedin

Prove ROI with Digital Bank Advertising Strategies

Posted by Lindsay Borgen on June 29, 2016

It is no longer possible for bank advertising to simply consist of a brochure given out at the front of the financial institution and print ads in the local publications. Today’s digital world finds banks’ customers online most of the day, staring at ads for a number of different products.

Bank advertising dollars should be spent where they can reap their best return on investment, which, right now, is online. The good news is that digital advertising boasts many benefits, including targeting, analytics and the ability to prove the ROI for the bottom line.

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Topics: Financial Marketing, Bank Marketing, Marketing ROI, Digital Marketing, Financial ROI, Proving Marketing ROI, Social Media Advertising

Social Selling Is the Future of Lead Generation, and the Future Is Now

Posted by George Irish on June 28, 2016

Long-range success is all about being able to evolve and adapt. Those who do it well thrive, and those that don't, falter. Social selling is a key component in the modern day sales environment that drives new sales opportunities, and has emerged from "something to do if you have time" to "necessity." If your company isn't participating in social selling, you are absolutely missing valuable leads and potential new business. 

Whether you have immersed yourself in selling socially or have yet to dip your toe in the vast ocean of its potential, here are four important points that will vitalize your efforts. 

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