10 Social Media Tips for Banks

Posted by Lindsay Borgen on December 15, 2014

 Social media is one of the most popular forms of communication and is used by millions of consumers each day. For financial institutions, it's pivotal in community involvement and brand development. But just creating social media accounts isn’t enough. Check out these 10 social media tips for banks to engage the community and create a brand personality: 


  1. Plan. It takes time to build social media presence. Implement an initial plan that outlines when and where information is posted. 
  2. Set goals. Be clear on what you hope to achieve with your campaign and what your messages to the community will be.  
  3. Establish clear policies. Create staff guidelines to ensure that social media is used responsibly and presents a consistent brand image. 
  4. Provide great content. Consumers appreciate quality information, and not all of it has to be banking-related. Be sure to post content that is of value to consumers, such as community activities, current events, financial tips and more.
  5. Show personality. A bank doesn't have to rely solely on their staff to make an impression. Showcase your bank's unique character to stand out among your competition. 
  6. Get to know your customers. Strategic use of social media helps consumers learn more about banks--and vice versa. Ask questions to find out what your community cares about.
  7. Reach out. Highlight your bank's community involvement with pictures and stories from local and charitable events you have participated in.
  8. Welcome feedback and interact regularly. Consumers easily connect with businesses when they can communicate in a familiar way. Social media is familiar, especially for the younger Gen X and Gen Y populations. Give your customers ample opportunity to provide feedback. Additionally, timely responses to comments and messages show that your bank is committed to customer service.
  9. Check with your legal team. Ensure that all content, including photos, abides by government banking regulations.
  10. Revise your strategy. Track social media metrics that can help you optimize your strategy. Tweak what's not working and put more emphasis on what is working.

Implementing these social media tips for banks is critical for social media success; however, a successful social media strategy takes continuous effort. Marketing agencies that specialize in financial institutions can help you create content, manage your accounts and measure success. For more information about how a successful social media strategy can increase your bank’s marketing ROI, download our free eBook!

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