3 Real-Life HubSpot Small Business Success Stories. Could This be You? 

Posted by George Irish on September 10, 2015

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Are you considering investing in HubSpot to energize your inbound marketing efforts? Is the initial price of such a platform worrying you that you won't recoup your investment? Here are 3 real-life HubSpot small business success stories that shows why the investment is worth it.

#1: "We increased our qualified B2B sales leads."

Our company markets B2B products, and our sales people were knocking on doors the old school way to find leads. By using HubSpot, marketing was able to create content that drove prospects to our landing pages. They completed forms to access our white papers and eBooks, and we used their captured information for email marketing. Marketing was able to build a steady streams of high quality leads, and funnel them to sales. HubSpot was instrumental in our inbound success!

#2: "My company used HubSpot to increase organic search traffic."

We are a small business fighting for space against many competitors and we struggled for years trying to get highly ranked on search engines. Once we implemented HubSpot, we took full advantage of all their in-depth training opportunities, and began creating content that boosted our SEO. Before HubSpot, our organic traffic was almost non-existent. Now, our organic efforts bring us more leads than any of our other lead generation tactics. We have HubSpot to thank for it.

#3: "Hubspot completely redefined our lead capturing initiatives."

Our sales force was a huge yearly payroll expense, but we didn't know how else to gain new business. Once we invested in HubSpot and learned how to create buyer personas and content that reached them, we started grabbing tons of leads from our inbound initiatives. HubSpot is like our "invisible" sales force! The easy to use platform helps marketing keep our sales people busy calling on qualified leads that are ready to buy, instead of wasting their time knocking on doors that aren't interested.

HubSpot is the premier tool to help you reach your targeted buyers with enticing, on the money content, capture their information, and convert them into leads. Want to be a HubSpot small business success story? Contact us today, and we will show you how.

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