3 Reasons B2B Direct Marketing Is Still The Bomb

Posted by George Irish on April 23, 2015


Recent years have found savvy marketing professionals being inundated with information about content marketing, digital marketing, and inbound leads. Statistic after statistic expounded on how many buyers researched and made buying decisions online, and every marketing publication touted the importance of a solid online lead generation plan.

While all of this is important information, it's in a CMOs best interest to not get caught up in only focusing on inbound marketing. B2B direct marketing is still powerful in growing and maintaining business. Here's why:

It allows you to control the message. B2B direct marketing gives companies the opportunity to promote goods and services to a specific set of targeted prospects. Direct marketing campaigns can be designed to create interest and compel potential clients to take the next step forward in becoming a customer. Unlike inbound marketing, the message of direct marketing campaigns is more focused on your companies' offerings, and geared toward the clients who are most likely interested. A professional inbound marketing agency can assist in getting you started with effective information to include in these campaigns.

It increases sales potential in current and former customers. Inbound campaigns would not be the most effective tool for current or former clients. They are already aware of your company! B2B direct marketing campaigns, however, are the perfect way to reach out to these buyers with new processes, products, and services. By strategically planning these marketing messages, a company can turn former customers into current customers and increase client loyalty in the process.

It offers flexibility and quick response to market needs. B2B direct marketing allows for quick response to the ever-changing needs of the industry. New products and promotions can all be effectively marketed with direct marketing tactics. New prospect contacts (from a trade show, for example) can quickly be integrated into a direct marketing campaign. All of these initiatives provide potential clients with information about your business that they can use in making informed buying decisions.

When developing a strategic marketing plan, inbound marketing should absolutely play a significant role. However, B2B direct marketing should still be the star of the show, because it is a powerful tool that can dramatically increase sales and maximize the return on your marketing budget dollars. And that's a goal we all have at the top of our list!

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