3 Ways To Find Staff Solutions On LinkedIn

Posted by Dolores Gonsalves on April 9, 2015

If you're looking for staffing solutions, give the LinkedIn platform a chance to win you over. LinkedIn is a powerful social media site that gives HR recruiters the ability to add strong candidates to the team. The platform provides you with the option to actively seek out candidates or let them come to you. Here are three ways to start the human resources recruitment process using this site.


Pick Through The Listings

Everyone on LinkedIn must create a public profile that others can browse at their leisure. You can view these profiles to learn about educational backgrounds, work experience and skill sets for each person. Every time you view a profile, however, the system sends a notification to that person. The candidate can then view your profile and open the doors for communication about possible job openings or freelance collaborations.

Create A Large Network

If you want a large pool of candidate options, consider creating groups that are focused on skills used at your company. For example, you can create groups centered around marketing, customer service or writing to attract the best in the industry. Group members frequently share their skills with each other in an effort to better the community. Keep a close eye on the group to create a list of people that would be a good fit for your company. Notify the potential candidates each time you identify an opening that would make great use of their talents.

Ask For Referrals

Once you create a wide network of trusted individuals, you can query them for referrals to fill openings at your company. Your network of associates can easily identify people with the right background for your open positions. In addition, it's beneficial to have candidates with supporters vouching for their hard work and dedication to doing a good job. As a result, you'll quickly end up with a large number of candidates without having to actively weed out the best candidates.

Creating Your Team

Initially, you'll spend a lot of time creating your profile, making and joining groups, and simply learning how to use the vast number of tools on this platform. As you learn the ropes, however, your time investment will drastically decrease. Eventually, you'll only need to log in a few times a week to touch bases with your connections. The skills you learn on LinkedIn will likely benefit your future efforts in digital marketing for recruiters. Eventually, you'll be able to obtain all of your staff solutions through online venues.

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