4 Key Ways to Reach Your Goals with Social Selling

Posted by George Irish on January 30, 2017



Social selling is a powerhouse in today's purchasing environment. More decision makers than ever before are researching their purchases and making connections on social media platforms. Companies without a social media presence are missing out on valuable opportunities.

Done right, social selling allows companies to reap great rewards. Strategically set your social selling initiatives up so that your company reaches and surpasses its goals. Here are 4 key ways to do it.

#1: Identify opportunity through social listening.

Companies make a detrimental mistake when they fail to listen to their target audience. Outline a consistent plan that monitors the social media platforms where your audience is present. What are their pain points? What questions are they asking? Understanding your targets through their social media chatter gives you a leg up on your less social media-savvy competitors.

#2: Showcase your industry expertise.

People want to work with pros, and that is how your company needs to set itself apart. Take to social media channels to share content such as informative blog posts and educational videos that address your prospects' pain points. Show them you understand, and your company is the best choice to help alleviate their issues.


#3: Create "soft sell" openings with mutual interests.

Once you are adept at the above two ways, start specifically targeting prospects, but do your homework first. Acquaint yourself with their profile, and try to find a shared interest. Sports teams, charity events, and hobbies are great ways to connect without the "buy something from me" outdated sales-speak. Plus, it's just easier to start a conversation with a non-threatening ice breaker.

#4: Follow up and engage.

Once the conversation starts progressing, feed it regularly to keep interest alive. Continue to share value-add information the prospect will find helpful, and touch in with engaging comments. Now is when smart sales people can begin coaxing the prospect into the sales funnel. As they already know and trust you, they will be more likely to listen to your promotional message.

Social selling may sound like a great deal of work. However, once the plan is laid out, it takes less effort and brings about greater results than old, traditional selling tactics. Follow these four ways to reach your goals with social selling and, over time, they will pay off big.

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