4 Motivational Interviewing Techniques to Energize Recruitment Strategies

Posted by Dolores Gonsalves on June 10, 2015


Recruiting top talent is a rough road to travel. From knowing how to connect with "A" players to beating out competitors for the same person, lots of effort can yield little results. Even if you land the most well-educated and experienced talent, what if they aren't motivated? That's why smart hiring managers employ strategic maneuvers in their recruiting strategies. Using motivational interviewing techniques is one of these.

Four ways to effectively use motivational interviewing techniques as part of a successful recruiting strategy are:

Use questions as a bridge to encourage conversations. Rapid fire questions often intimidate job seekers. It's difficult to get a good read on nervous applicants. Ease the pressure by creating conversational questions that evoke storytelling. This will build a clearer picture of the individual's strengths and motivations.

Strive for more than one word answers. Close-ended questions most likely receive a "yes" or "no, supplying the interviewer with paltry information about the candidate. Screen the interview questions so they engage with the prospective employee's real life experiences and knowledge, which shed more light on motivational tendencies than one word responses.

Measure overall enthusiasm. An individual who speaks excitedly about their work and personal life is often more motivated than their calmer counterparts. One theory is enthusiasm is passion. During the interview, listen to the tone in which the person relays information, and register whether or not he or she seems enthusiastic about their past work roles.

Ask about the"why" instead of the "what." Job applicants can list out their completed tasks and responsibilities all day, but that garners little knowledge about their motivation. Frame questions to not only uncover what actions they take, but dig at the reason why the job candidate performs in a certain manner. You want to know "why is it important to them?" These answers will provide valuable insight into their motivation.

Hiring managers who are committed to attracting and maintaining top talent understand the necessity of finding employees who are motivated to achieve success. Practicing these four motivational interviewing techniques will serve to improve the overall interview experience, and result in stronger, more successful recruiting strategies.

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