5 Bank Website Design Flaws that are Costing You Customers

Posted by Lindsay Borgen on February 25, 2016

Bank websites are the gateway to happy, informed customers. Smartly designed websites function as a top sales person by reaching wide audiences, answering questions, and guiding users to solutions to their pain points. Dull, complicated sites, on the other hand, can turn customers into irritated former customers who find another bank.

Yes, website design is THAT important.

Here are five significant flaws that may be present in your current bank website design, causing you to lose customers even as you read this!


Does your website lack mobility? Having a responsive and mobile friendly website is integral to cater to customers accessing your website via a tablet or cell phone. And that is everyone. Bank websites must offer mobile abilities for a satisfying customer experience.

Are your website’s theme colors too heavy? Research shows that the majority of financial decision makers in a household are female. Your bank’s website color scheme should not be too heavy, dark or overbearing. If you are using a darker color to match your bank’s branding, be sure to add a lighter accent color to brighten it up.

Is it hard to find information on your site? Customers become frustrated clicking around trying to find the information they’re looking for. Having a clean, simple and streamlined navigation is essential to helping users find what they’re looking for quickly when they visit your site. You should user test your bank website design to ensure that you’re providing the best user experience possible.

Is there too much information on your homepage? Loading up the main page with information that's not extremely relevant is the primary way to lose an audience. Be sure to keep the homepage information fresh, valuable and visual as opposed to text heavy so customers maintain interest.

Are you addressing your customer's needs and pain points? The main point of your website is to address what the customer regards as their pain points. If the website does little to address these issues, users may move on to another option.

With a bank website design, there are a variety of flaws that can derail the customer experience. By taking these points into consideration, your bank will be able to reduce the risk of having a low performing website and increase the change of maximizing the instance of a strong website design. If you’re interested in improving your bank’s website, sign up for a free financial website design audit to identify areas of opportunity.

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