5 DOs of Lead Nurturing and why Lead Nurturing makes sense for B2B companies

Posted by George Irish on April 16, 2015


Most CMOs understand why lead nurturing makes sense for B2B companies. Lack of time, resources, and content, however, tend to derail a consistent plan. Here are 5 DOs marketing can use to forge a strong lead nurturing strategy that results in marketing directly driving increased sales.

#1: DO offer high quality content. Pertinent, relevant content is KING. Reach potential future clients by offering valuable industry content that is engaging and easily sharable.

#2: DO determine in advance when sales will take over the lead. This is the question of the ages! Marketing and sales need to sit down and determine when is a lead considered HOT. When the person has downloaded a certain amount of content? When he has completed more than one form, or he is determined to be the decision maker? While it is different for every company, this needs to be agreed upon beforehand so there is no confusion for either team.

#3: DO move prospects through the funnel. Simply sending out content to an email list is not lead nurturing. Marketing's goal is to move the leads through the sales funnel, until the time the lead is ready for a sales person to take it over. Create powerful calls to action. Entice the lead to download a free eBook, or watch a video, or register for a webinar. Later stage offers can be free trials and/or live demos. Every action needs to have a goal attached to it.

#4: DO execute targeting messaging. Content should be strategically linked to the stage the lead is in. Don't offer an early stage lead a free trial, it's too soon! If the lead does not consider the content relevant to them, they will opt out, and be gone. Boo. Nobody wants that to happen.

#5: DO create a strategy for dormant leads. Savvy marketing realize that not all B2B leads are ready to buy. Its still important to maintain and cultivate a relationship with these leads. Utilize broad content with these prospects, and 'touch' them on a regular basis. If and when they are ready to buy, you are on the forefront of their minds.

The entire marketing team must understand why lead nurturing makes sense for B2B companies. Nurtured leads produce, on average, a 20% increase in sales opportunities versus non-nurtured leads. If a company does not currently have a lead nurturing plan in place, they should begin NOW.

Need help knowing where to start? A professional B2B digital agency can assist in helping maximize marketing dollars and minimize the time frame for implementation.

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