5 Reasons To Hire An Inbound Agency to Generate Qualified B2B Leads

Posted by George Irish on June 24, 2015


Shrewd Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) keep their ears open to new, more efficient ways of increasing the bottom line. One new way is through inbound marketing. According to Hubspot, "54% more leads are generated by inbound tactics than traditional paid marketing."

While you may buy completely into the idea, there may be glitches and stumbling blocks on how to make it work. This is when a business is smart to turn to an inbound marketing agency. Here are five splendid reasons businesses should hire an inbound agency to help generate qualified B2B leads:

Pinpoint your buyer. Understanding the buyer persona is of paramount importance to all marketing campaigns. It can, however, be difficult. An inbound agency is well-equipped to build surveys and other measurements to identify the buyers and their pain points, allowing you to create a message that has greater likelihood of engaging them.

Create a viable plan. To be effective, inbound initiatives consist of more than a few random blog posts. An inbound agency steers the marketing team in the right direction from the beginning. This decreases "ramp up" time, and increases results.

Widen exposure to prospects. Using inbound marketing to generate qualified B2B leads works if the proper distribution channels are utilized. Marketing teams who work with an inbound agency learn where their clients get their information, and how to capitalize on it.

Reduce operating costs, increase productivity. As a whole, marketing campaigns require time and focus. It's no different with inbound marketing. In order to generate qualified B2B sales leads, marketing must devote hours of manpower to the initiative. Working with an inbound agency minimizes the risk of taking a time-consuming "wrong turn," both with content creation and distribution. Less mistakes means less re-dos, which helps keeps costs low and productivity high. We like that!

Measure results. Weigh and measure inbound initiatives to understand their success of lack of it. This is a common place marketing teams fall short. An inbound agency can assist marketing with the key performance indicators, so that each project is measured and becomes a base for future inbound design.

Inbound marketing is complex and requires marketing to understand the buyer and develop content that engages and attracts them. Hiring an inbound agency offers a variety of advantages to create successful campaigns that help increase company revenue while keeping operating costs low.

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