5 Reasons to Use Social Recruiting to Boost Your Temp Staffing Success

Posted by Dolores Gonsalves on June 11, 2015


Many companies benefit from high quality temporary staff members. Businesses frequently experience a larger amount of work for reasons like seasonal boosts or large but infrequent orders just to name a couple. This situation poses a unique challenge that can be met with temp staffing.

Recruiting temporary staff members is time consuming and costly if not managed correctly. More than ever, companies are turning to social recruiting to attract these types of employees. Here are five reasons why social recruiting is effective for temp staffing.

It's speedy.

Social media recruiting provides a large amount of potential employees to a business, which is ideal if the company needs to fill positions fast, as is often the case with temp hiring.

It's efficient.

Recruiting in general is costly, and temp staffing is even more difficult to show return on investment (ROI). Think about it: if companies spend a great deal of money recruiting employees who are temporary, it adds to the total employee cost. By utilizing social sharing, businesses keep their temp staffing costs low and increase efficiency simultaneously. Yay!

It provides information concerning company culture fit.

Connecting with potential employees through social media allows a company to "get a feel" for the candidate. Company culture is integral to an employee's success, so access to their social media presence is helpful to understanding whether or not they fit into workplace dynamics.

It takes networking to the next level of power.

Savvy business decision makers would rather hire a person they or their connections know. Social sharing offers a way to build a network of people, and their friends, enabling companies a stronger chance of hiring a person to which they are connected. It's the 21st century "boy next door".

It provides a high quality candidate pool.

Quality employees are hard to find, and temporary ones more so. A ton of potential job candidates maintain social media profiles, whether or not they are actively searching for a new job. Social sharing puts your open position in front of experienced professionals more than any other recruiting avenue. This wide distribution channel pulls in candidates that may never have seen your job otherwise, and offers more specific, higher quality applicants.

Temp staffing offers great convenience to the workplace, but hiring can be challenging. It's vital for companies to use social sharing to find these employees, as it saves time, increases efficiency, and improves overall ROI.

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