5 Reasons Why HubSpot Pricing for Pro Is The Best Entry Point

Posted by George Irish on December 3, 2015



Looking to jump into HubSpot but you're confused by the various HubSpot pricing plans, add-ons and extras? Have no fear, we're here to tell you that HubSpot Pro is pretty much your best bet for getting started. Here's why:

  • A Balance of Price and Power

It costs more than HubSpot Basic, but for that extra cash you get a pretty robust set of features, including unlimited site visits, four sub-domains, 1,000 included contacts, and additional contacts for $50 per 1,000.

  • You Don't Need the Add-ons, Yet

More specifically: You won't know which add-ons you need until you need them. Some of them are useful, but if you buy them right up front, you might be wasting money. Learn the ropes with HubSpot Pro, then see what else you need.

  • Robust, But Not Overwhelming

If you are new to using HubSpot, then the Enterprise level of the service may be a bit much for you. In fact, it may be a bit much for people who have plenty of experience with the platform. For most users, it's best to start with Pro and then see what add-ons are needed.

  • Enterprise is Pricey for Some Small-Medium Businesses

At $800 a month, HubSpot pricing for Pro is just right for many small to medium sized businesses. The $2,400/mo Enterprise model is a fair price if you're doing business in enough volume to need it, but most of us aren't. A major upside to Enterprise is 10,000 contacts. Most of us wouldn't know what to do with 10,000 contacts.

  • Flexibility

The Pro level HubSpot pricing package offers you all the support and automation you need, plus room to grow when you need it. Add-ons including ads for $100/mo and transactional email for $1,000/mo with dedicated IP mean that you're not stuck with just what Pro comes with.

HubSpot's Pro level is the best of both worlds: affordable yet powerful, powerful yet accessible.



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