5 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Build Your Social Selling Profile

Posted by George Irish on June 30, 2016


It's a fact that more people than ever are beginning their buying journey on social media. If you aren't participating in social selling, you are missing out on opportunities to create profitable, long-term relationships with clients.

Maybe the idea of managing your social selling profile is overwhelming and you think it takes too much time. Wrong! The great news is it doesn't have to eat into your selling time! Here are five ridiculously easy ways to build a rocking social selling profile.

#1: Just show up. A complete, error-free profile is a giant step toward kicking your social selling game into high gear. Add a professional photo, complete your work history, throw in your strengths, areas of interest, and volunteer experience, and BAM you have upped your stock. Don't believe us? Look at LinkedIn and see how quickly you dismiss people who have that boring outline instead of a profile picture.

#2: Now tweak it from a client's viewpoint. Now that you have a complete profile, massage it into a killer selling tool by focusing on what your customer needs to know. Use language that shows why doing business with you is different from your competitors, and what they will gain from choosing you. Give them insight into their decision, and show them you understand their plight. This plants the seeds that eventually bloom into a strong relationship.

#3: Keep it updated. Don't "set it and forget it." Outdated information will surely run off potential leads. Spend an hour on your profile every so often, and add information and experience as you are able, along with new marketing materials and insights.

#4: Offer valuable intel. Shy away from overt sales tactics, and use your social selling time to offer value. Post an informative eBook, or an announcement of a change in industry regulations, and other information your potential customers would find valuable. Whether you write it yourself or post other's articles, choose information that is helpful and not sales-y.

#5: Connect with prospects. Engage your prospects and set up your LinkedIn account to email you about their work anniversaries, birthdays, and other milestones. Never miss a chance to get in front of them and deepen your connection in a non-threatening way.

Social selling doesn't have to be time consuming and complex. Practice these suggestions and you will begin seeing quick and powerful results stem from your efforts!

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