5 Simple Ways to Build One of the Best Bank Websites

Posted by Lindsay Borgen on July 15, 2015

The traditional banking experience used to consist of walking through the door or driving through the window, opening an account, and being on your way. While this still exists, the picture painted above is further down the decision funnel than it was in the past.

Today, many banking prospects begin their search for a financial institution online. Potential customers make the majority of their buying decisions before ever speaking to a sales person. This is why designing and maintaining an inviting and easy to use website is essential in beating competition and driving more customers through your door.


If your website is dull and lacking, here are five simple ways to build it into one of the best bank websites in the industry.

#1: Make it warm and inviting. Bank lobbies are tasteful, often plush areas, and your website should be as well. Consult with a digital agency that specializes in financial marketing. Get input on color schemes, graphics, and coordinated fonts that achieve a professional but welcoming presence.

#2: Offer a easy to navigate and simple user experience. Assist potential buyers by leading them through your site. Exhibit the main points in an easy to use navigation bar that directs users to the exact information they are looking for. Consider adding a chat feature, or at the least, prominently display how they can contact a live person if they have questions.

#3: Employ mobile and responsive capabilities. Mobile traffic has surpassed desktop traffic to websites in 2015, and many potential customers conduct their searches on mobile devices. If you website does not fit to the screen of the device accessing it, users may leave your site in search of a responsive site.

#4: Provide value. Offer relevant information with blog posts and infographics that answers common customer questions. In addition, clearly lay out how your company's customer experience works and the benefits of doing business with your bank.

#5: Set trackable measuring points. Landing pages that capture your audience's information are priceless tools in tracking and measuring a website's success. Make certain to build in measurable components so you are able to know what works and what fails. Analytics and measuring points not only help you optimize your site further, but also help you prove the ROI on your website investment and promotional campaigns that direct users back to subpages or landing pages of your site.

A banking website is an extension of the traditional brick and mortar building, and should reflect the financial institution's commitment to service. Using these tips will empower you to build one of the best bank websites out there. For more information on financial digital marketing and proving ROI, download our free eBook now!

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