5 Situations When Hiring A B2B Digital Agency Is A Great Choice

Posted by George Irish on May 28, 2015


Inbound marketing is the bell of the ball lately. And with good reason! More and more buyers are researching their purchases online, and inbound marketing is a fantastic way to promote B2B products without the old in-your-face sales tactics.

However, the success of an inbound marketing plan hinges on the marketing team and management being able to design, create, and execute a plan, and that harbors many challenges. Another strategic option is to hire a B2B digital agency to handle the inbound marketing plan.

Here are 5 situations when a company should choose to hire a marketing agency.

#1: Marketing team doesn't possess the time or skills. The marketing team may perform at a superior standard on current marketing initiatives. That does not mean they have the time or understanding to undertake a full blown inbound marketing campaign. If the marketing team's plate is full of other projects, but an inbound marketing plan is still a top priority, hiring a B2B digital agency is a fantastic option.

#2: Marketing team is not sure about where to begin. Shaping a successful inbound marketing campaign is a large and many-faceted undertaking. It's easy to get frustrated and off course. A professional inbound marketing agency can assist management in laying it out and breaking it down into workable pieces, with timelines and structure.

#3: The company wants an inbound marketing strategy in place yesterday. If management is ready to roll on an inbound marketing strategy, it can still take the marketing team months to forge a viable plan. A B2B digital agency, however, can formulate a plan quickly and align it with the company's current marketing goals.

#4: Marketing budgets don't cover new hires. If every marketing team member is at full capacity, hiring new employees to handle the inbound marketing duties is an option. However, if the budget cannot handle the salary and benefits package of another employee, choosing a B2B digital agency is a cost-effective choice.
#5: The company wants to take their inbound marketing to the next level. Maybe the company has dipped their toes into the inbound marketing arena, but is just not seeing the expected ROI. Hiring an agency is an effective way to regroup a flailing inbound marketing plan. A professional's expertise can help the campaign grow in scope and success.

A comprehensive inbound marketing campaign is a huge un

dertaking, and every business should consider outsourcing the creation and execution to a B2B digital agency. The result will be increased time savings, fewer employee costs, and better long-term results.

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