5 Smart Ways How To Implement Demand Generation Initiatives

Posted by George Irish on May 5, 2015


As a CMO, progress is consistently expected. Marketing may be knocking it out of the park in some areas, and lagging in others. If sales doesn't feel like they are receiving enough support from marketing, budgets could be cut and heads could roll.

Marketing should be able to generate qualified B2B leads to sales with steady regularity. If marketing is struggling with this goal, decision makers need to re-adjust the initiatives, which may include adding or fine-tuning demand generation programs.

Is implementing a new demand generation program on your short list of goals? Peruse our quick checklist of how to implement demand generation:

First, remember Rome wasn't built in a day...and your demand generation strategy won't be, either. This is a BIG project, and there must be strong, open communication channels between marketing and sales, as well as a solid, shared goal.

Then, always keep your buyer in the forefront of planning. If you are not targeting your type of buyer, you may as well be on the side of the street with a sign around your neck that says "buy from me". What do they care about? What do they need to be successful? You must know your buyer and who your prospect is, otherwise your demand generation endeavors will net you a big goose egg.

Another point to remember is...

The marketing team must be gurus. The marketing team is responsible for developing the demand generation strategy. The marketing team is ill equipped, already overwhelmed, or poorly trained on the nuts and bolts of the strategy. The demand generation initiative fails. The big kahunas are not happy. People get fired. And on it goes. Don't let this scenario happen to you! The marketing team must participate in training to make certain they can manage the day to day operations of and understand how to implement demand generation.

Finally, assess and evaluate. Smart marketers will analyze the demand generation strategy on a regular basis to make sure it's working and meeting the company goals. If it is, fantastic! If it is not, parts of it need to be tweaked until the desired results are achieved.

Knowing how to implement demand generation is multi-faceted and challenging. However, the benefits of forging ahead until the strategy begins to generate qualified B2B leads is well worth the effort.

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