5 Solid Strategies For Marketers To Maximize Lead Generation Strategy

Posted by George Irish on April 28, 2015


In a time where marketing budgets are squeezed until they beg for mercy, it's imperative that smart CMOs utilize every dollar effectively. There is no initiative more important in minimizing cost than in a company's lead generation strategy.

Generating leads can end up being a money pit if marketers are not careful, with the cost-per-lead skyrocketing and ROI falling far short of expectations. Here are 5 solid approaches marketers can employ that will maximize their lead generation strategy.

#1: A dancing CTA. Okay so maybe calls-to-action don't really get down and boogie. They should, however, be enticing and grab the potential buyer's attention. When designing CTAs as part of your lead generation strategy, think about your buyer and the type of information that would prod them to take that next step. It is somewhat of an art form to create productive CTAs, and an inbound marketing agency can save time in establishing ones that yield high returns.

#2: A smorgasbord of inbound content. Engaging inbound content that makes potential clients aware of how fantastic your business is creates interest and hype. Blogs, articles, and eBooks that impart valuable information set you apart from your competitors as an industry leader. People do business with industry leaders, so strategic content is vital to an inbound marketing strategy.

#3: A delightful trade show booth. Trade shows set a business up to meet many potential customers. It's important to not believe the Woody Allen quote that 'showing up is 80% of the battle.' Showing up and working the trade show, supplying visitors with valuable insight into your products, and following up are all required facets of success.

#4: Big fat lead lists. Wrangle the leads into segmented lists and begin marketing to this plethora of potential buyers. Forging a strategic email campaign can begin the process of turning these leads into customers, which is the overall goal of all lead generation strategies. An inbound marketing agency can help you lay out and implement the strategy that will work best for your target customer.

#5: Social media sharing. You don't have to be a Kardashian to benefit from social media accounts. A consistent social media campaign can drive potential B2B buyers to your website, where you can then capture their information. The key is to share content your buyers find valuable, which leads them back to you. Strong social media initiatives can be seamlessly constructed by an inbound marketing agency.

It's important to keep in mind that these approaches play off each other, they are not islands. Not one single strategy will accomplish you goals or maximize your lead generation strategy. Establishing all of them, however, will allow you to reap enormous rewards and enjoy an increased bottom line.

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