7 Clues The Marketing Team's B2B Strategies to Grow your Business Is Rocking

Posted by George Irish on May 19, 2015


Smart marketers should always be on the lookout for B2B strategies to grow your business. However, how do you know the actions you put into place are working? Here are 7 questions to ask that will help determine if your SAAS marketing plan is successful:

#1: Are people reading your content? B2B strategies to grow your business begin with attractive content. If prospects are checking out your blog posts and infographics and downloading your eBooks, it's a sign you have succeeded.

#2: Are you engaging in conversations with your buyers? Comments on content show an interested party, which is a triumph for the marketing team.

#3: Have your CTAs succeeded in enticing prospects to click? If leads are moving through the buyer's journey, your plan is working.

#4: Is the ROI for the B2B strategies to grow your business measurable? Guessing that it's working does not mean it is actually working. Empower yourself by being able to fall back on hard facts.

#5: Can every member of the marketing team discuss recent analytics? Understanding and valuing marketing analytics should be a requirement of each marketing team member. Accomplishing this will help your team forge ahead to meet their goals.

#6: Does the sales team know and understand marketing's goals? Being aligned with sales is a struggle with almost every company. Achieving alignment should be a large part of all B2B marketing strategies to grow your business

#7: Is the C-suite happy with marketing? A pleased C-suite says it all!

If you answered yes to the majority of questions, you are on the right track. Your SAAS marketing plan is attracting and converting leads, and you can show measurable results.

If you answered no, you should examine which areas are falling short and redesign as needed. Your bottom line will thank you for it!


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