7 Simple Staff Solutions that Increase the Quality of Your Employees

Posted by Dolores Gonsalves on June 19, 2015


Hiring presents a variety of challenges, and not managing the hiring process effectively costs a company considerable time and money. Implement these seven simple staff solutions to increase the quality of your employees.

Lay out a plan.

Perhaps the most basic but integral staff solution is to determine the type of person you want to find to fill the role, and then work backwards to figure out how to attract this targeted applicant.

Keep company culture at the forefront of the process.

A person's fit with company culture is one of the main factors in the hire being a success or failure. Imagine each applicant emerged in your company's culture, and avoid those who obviously don't fit.

Employ multiple channels.

In today's hiring environment, depending on staff solutions that fail to incorporate more than one avenue is bad business. Target your prospective candidates in as many venues as possible. Remember, the bigger the candidate pool, the more likely it is to end up with a good hire.

Write a powerful job description.

Candidates want to know as much as possible about a job opportunity. One key staff solution includes describing both the tasks and everyday requirements, as well as the impact the position makes on the company. The more interesting, but still truthful, the job description, the more "A" players it attracts.

Beef up your company's social media.

All staff solutions benefit from a well-thought out social media image. This is often where potential employees go to research companies before applying.

Involve more than one person.

Staff solutions that employ more than one decision maker often create better results. Multiple people involved in the process helps maintain fair hiring as well as offering a greater chance to "weed out" someone who is not a good fit. It's easy to snow one person, but much more difficult to fool three.

Run a comprehensive background check.

Don't trust the information on the resume without verifying all important pieces of information. It's easy to fall victim to an applicant with dangerous convictions or fake degrees. Check a potential employee out thoroughly before bringing him or her on board.

A company must place tremendous importance on developing and maintaining staff solutions that produce results. By integrating these seven simple tips, you will empower your business to find the best person for the job in particular and your company as a whole.

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