9 Remarkable Ways to Get a Response on LinkedIn Every Time

Posted by George Irish on May 9, 2017



laptop-and-computer.jpgThe world has changed in a big way over the past few years.
This change has been accompanied by similarly huge changes in technology and how people interact with each other.
Today, personal computers and hand-held devices make it easy to communicate with loved ones as well as with the businesses we love. The advent of social media platforms, the sensation of the online world, revolutionized communication and marketing. A good number of businesses around the world are increasingly using social networks to offer customer support and carry out online marketing campaigns. LinkedIn, one of the most popular social platforms forms is a significant part of this landscape.

With the many social networks available, it can be overwhelming for salespeople to attend to every customer satisfactorily. With the fast pace of modern life, it is important that your approach as a salesperson is unique. The modern consumer is also more discerning, making it necessary to personalize messages if you are to catch their attention, engage them in a conversation and build trust with them. 

LinkedIn features a number of products that play a great role in helping to build the conversations you want with customers. One of these features is Sales Navigator. These conversations can increase the opportunities available to you, helping to increase your revenue without much of a hassle.


1.jpgUsing LinkedIn premium insights
Insights are available to sales Navigator as well as other premium subscribers. The product includes all the data you may need about total employee count, the various employee roles as well as hiring and job openings. You will also be able to access information on the notable alumni, which refers to where employees went to after leaving a company. This information is only available for companies whose total number of employees with LinkedIn profiles is 30 or more. Information on a given employee can help you to determine the best way to start a conversation with them.


2.jpgNavigator updates on saved leads
With Sales Navigator, you will have a feature that lets you save profiles as leads. This means that you will have numerous ice-breaking and networking opportunities with a simple click of a button. You will receive regular updates about the LinkedIn activities of your lead. Such updates will be sent if they put up any statuses or comments, when they are mentioned anywhere on the platform or when another person writes them a message. Every time these events happen, they will present you with an excellent opportunity to build conversations.


3.jpgLeverage profile content
Your lead’s profile will come in handy in situations where they are not active on LinkedIn, or you cannot find enough information to come up with an ice-breaker. Look for any information from their media content that you can use to start a conversation with them. This could be a video of a recent talk they gave, an event they attended in the past few weeks, their latest achievement or a company pitch deck. Once you identify the appropriate piece of information, you should mention it without shying away from making your interest known. There is a good chance that they will reward your efforts with a reply.


4.jpgAsk questions
It is very likely that by this time you will have found an ice-breaker and gained the attention of your lead. You will need to be smart and creative to ensure that you ask questions that will further the conversation and push it in the direction you desire.


5.jpgBe brave
Social media platforms present us with opportunities that we would otherwise not have access to. The social networks eliminate the boundaries and formalities that are characteristic of the real world. Once you are behind your computer screen, these formalities take a loose definition and the language used is a bit relaxed. The internet and social media also make it possible to reach people in different geographical regions, regardless of their status in society.

What stands between you and what you want to achieve is a moment of insane courage. Take that bold step and contact the person you wish to reach out to. In case you encounter challenges or obstacles along the way, do not give up. Conversations with your lead can result in responses and life-changing opportunities.


There are instances when a LinkedIn user will contact you without a proper introduction. You should take the lead and ask them what intrigued them as well as what prompted them to reach out. Make sure that you use the necessary strategies that will provoke them to answer.


7.jpgMake it about them
One of the best ways to retain your customer and make them feel important is to appreciate them. Make them feel special by taking an interest in the challenges they face. This may help you to find out about things you had previously not thought about. Similarly, focusing on the buyer can help you to meet the influencers and decision makers that run some of the biggest firms and companies.


8.jpgAsk for help
To effectively meet the needs of your buyer, it is important to learn a little more about them. Do some research about them by going through the content they have on their online platforms. You can also go a step further and find out more about their personality based on what they have written in the past.

Another way through which you can get more information about your buyer is by looking at the recommendations they have received on LinkedIn. Here, you can find out about the helpful nature, friendly character or cheerful aura of your buyer.

9.jpgAddress the problems they face
By this time, you will have broken the ice and started a conversation with your buyer. However, you will not have achieved your goal yet. The next step would be to find subtle and clever ways of directing the conversation to the problems they face and highlighting what you can do to help them resolve such problems. It is important to avoid coming across as a desperate salesperson and to be realistic in your suggestions.


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