A Car without Gas: Bank and Credit Union Marketing without A Strategic Marketing Plan

Posted by George Irish on March 14, 2017

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Your vehicle requires gas to get you where you want to go. The same goes with marketing for banks and credit unions. Randomly and inconsistently marketing without a set marketing plan leaves your initiatives stranded.

Here are seven planning tips to build a high-yielding marketing strategy.

Plan your brand. Banks and credit unions that aren't recognizable because of lack of branding lose steam fast. Your logo, marketing material, website, email templates and company voice must be cohesive and uniform. Create a branding guide and make certain everyone follows it to the letter.


Create a content calendar. Content is king, because there's no easier way to set your organization apart as an industry leader. Develop a content calendar and share the content far and wide for maximum impact.

Plan your venues. Advertising here and there, and sporadically attending trade shows and other events will show little return on investment (ROI). Plan your marketing at least a couple of quarters ahead to get the most out of your marketing budget and gain the greatest amount of exposure.

Embrace social media. A social media presence is no longer an option. It's a necessity. Determine where your customers hang out online, and set up robust profiles. Share your company's branding message, along with promotions, content, and interesting news. Include a consistent social media plan in your content calendar.

Utilize your employees. Bring your team into the marketing loop. Touting great customer service? Make certain every employee is well-trained. Rolling out a hot promotion? Encourage them to share it on social media.

The bank's or credit union's employees help the marketing plan...

Close the loop. Disjointed strategies are time-consuming and ineffective. Your print ads, website, social media, and on-site marketing material must convey the same overall message, and build toward the same goal.

And, above all, review and analyze! We are not kidding. Failing to do this sets you up for your marketing dollars to be left somewhere in a ditch. Audit each initiative and how it performed. Did it meet expectations? Could it have produced more? Was it perfect? Analytics are your map to a successful future.

Trying to market without a plan is a waste of time and money, and produces few results. Take the time to build a workable marketing plan, and your bank or credit union will cruise to success!


Marketing ROI for financial Institutions

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