A Guide to Banking Website Development

Posted by Lindsay Borgen on December 23, 2014

A recent study has shown that two in five women consider themselves the "primary financial decision-makers" of their households. This trend is expected to continue, as an increasing number of women are taking on the responsibility of finances in their marriages or are living alone.

It only makes sense, then, that banks need to begin taking women into greater consideration when it comes to banking website development. As women become the target audience for many banking websites, it will become increasingly important for banking websites to cater to their primary audiences while showing off their brand personality.

Creating a Female-Friendly Banking Website

So, what exactly does the creation of a woman-friendly banking website entail? One of the most important aspects is responsive banking website development. A responsive design allows the site to be easily viewed and navigated, no matter what device it is being viewed from.


Why is this so important? Well, many women are constantly on-the-go; they may be working part- or full-time jobs, going to school, and/or caring for a family. As such, they rely on their banking websites more than ever to be able to access their accounts, check balances, and even transfer funds from their device of choice.

In addition to a responsive design, a banking website that caters to a female audience should also avoid the use of overly-masculine colors (dark grays, blues, black, etc.) in favor of more gender-neutral or feminine colors. Furthermore, having a fixed navigation bar that is well organized can help both female and male visitors better find the information they need.

Showing Brand Personality

Banks, just like any other competitive business, need to develop a unique brand identity and manifest it in their banking website development. There are many ways by which a bank can develop and display its unique identity within the community.

One of the best ways to develop a positive reputation and cultivate a bank's brand identity is to sponsor local sports teams and get involved in the community. This could include donating to local food banks or even sending employees from local branches to volunteer for community causes. Anytime your bank is involved in community activities and/or volunteering, showcasing it on your website as well as on social media will help in developing your brand personality.

Catering to your target markets and creating a brand personality for your bank’s website can lead to increased brand awareness and an increase in your marketing budget’s ROI. For more information about accurately measuring and proving your marketing ROI, download our free eBook!

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