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Ways to Use Content While Social Selling

Posted by George Irish on January 9, 2017

When people are thinking about buying a product, even if their question or concern has been covered and answered in the past, they want to feel like they are the only person with that special concern.  And that's okay!  WIth social selling it is important to create an individual, unique conversation with each potential buyer.  This shows that the sale is less about the product, and more about the relationship.   As explained earlier, having a relationship with a person you know and trust is more than half the battle in completing a successful sale.  So how is this accomplished?

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Instant Social Selling Tips For Success

Posted by George Irish on December 20, 2016

The rise of social selling has been rapid and well recieved. When used correctly social selling has been proven to be very beneficial and effective for generating high quality leads. It has been a great alternative from the traditional cold emails and telemarketing camapigns many seem to have grown accustomed to. To get the most out of social selling there are minor but crucial tactics that can make or break your efforts. Here are 5 tips to remember when socially selling.

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IP Targeting as the Newest Way to Ensure B2B Success

Posted by George Irish on December 13, 2016

If you're looking to increase the ROI of your campaigns, there are a number of ways you can go about it. You can be sure to choose a holistic, commercially-focused way that is focused primarily on marketing mix modeling, using IP targeting to make your move in marketing. This way, as an analytic organization, you'll get a better read on the ROI of your marketing investments. If you use a fact-based marketing solution to increase your ROI, you will see about 40% improvement in your effectiveness at marketing.

There are some things that the marketing of ROI has a need for now, that perhaps it did not have a need for in the past. These things include: increased speed, granularity, and business reporting that is holistic. Now, in today's world, how marketing mix modeling is practiced is different, and the focus is now on commercial effectiveness. This enables a company to focus on better ROI, hands down, and this includes IP targeting.

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Three Key Benefits of Adding IP Targeting to Direct Mail Campaigns

Posted by George Irish on December 12, 2016

Reaching qualified leads easier, with less of a financial investment sounds too good to be true right? Not so! IP targetingreturns robust results at a fraction of the cost of other online advertising options.

What is IP targeting? It is the marketing strategy of pinpointing a potential buyer's computer IP address, and then sending them ads specifically designed to get their attention. By adding IP targeting to direct marketing campaigns, companies can leverage their message to specific leads faster than ever.

Here are three key benefits of adding IP targeting to direct mail campaigns.

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A Marketing Snapshot: IP Targeting vs. Pay-Per-Click

Posted by George Irish on November 16, 2016

Reaching the most potential buyers with the resources at our disposal is what keeps dedicated marketers up at night. 

How do we make certain we aren't wasting our budgets, reaching the wrong audience, and missing return on investment (ROI)?

Many of us have tried Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, and may have seen results. However, when it comes to online marketing, is this plan giving us the biggest bang for our budgets? 

Maybe not. 

If your company is attempting to boost the number of conversions and increase awareness , you need to look into IP targeting. This is true even if you are a proponent of PPC. Let's contrast PPC with IP targeting from a few angle. 

#1: On one hand, PPC may reach your audience, but you are still faced with many wasted impressions on people who have no interest in purchasing from you. On the other hand, IP targeting delivers highly targeted ads to specific individuals based on their Internet Protocol (IP) address. Less waste helps you make the most of your advertising budget. 

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