B2B Lead Generation Strategies Guide For The Smart But Busy CMO

Posted by George Irish on May 20, 2015


Shrewd marketing professionals understand the importance of consistently generating quality B2B leads. Strong B2B lead generation strategies lead to full sales funnels, increased revenue, happy big kahunas, and fat bonuses!

But, how do we get it all done? We are already so busy with other marketing initiatives.
Here is a meat-and-potatoes lead generation best practices guide for marketers who are long on vision but short on time.

First, blog with intention. Writing a blog post is like leaving bread crumbs for potential customers. Blogs, like a crumb trail, need to be aligned to be effective. Create a blogging plan based on information your current clients wanted to know during their buyer's journey. If you are already writing a blog, this initiative will cost you almost no extra expenditure of time.

Then, be the expert. If you took a survey on who people preferred to conduct business, a professional or an amateur, the professional would no doubt get most of the votes. Take advantage of the value of your knowledge. Offer webinars, seminars, and lunch and learns. Choosing topics you are already well-versed on will take minimal preparation time. Educational opportunity offerings to potential prospects is one of the best B2B lead generation strategies, because it gets you in front of the prospect and allows you to establish yourself as an expert in your field.

Also strategically embrace social media. No, you don't need to photograph and post your lunch. A couple of hours a week, however, spent tweeting blogs and engaging with prospects and respected professionals will boost your exposure and your credibility. Choose a few Linkedin groups and participate by asking and answering questions. Over the course of time, you will be surprised how much this effort increases your leads.

Finally, empower your brand with email marketing. Create enticing email campaigns offering valuable content. Send them to your ever-growing lead list. Email campaigns will keep you in front of the people you have met through other methods of lead generation and hopefully push them through the sales funnel faster.
These 4 B2B lead generation strategies will turbocharge your marketing efforts while costing your company little extra time. Implementing these will increase leads, build your customer base, and rain profit upon your head.

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