B2B Telemarketing Getting A Busy Signal? 4 Better Tools To Gain Clients

Posted by George Irish on March 31, 2015


B2B telemarketing was once a powerful force in building and increasing company sales. Things change, however, and this avenue is no longer as effective as before.

In order to maintain business, CMOs must continue to discover new avenues of reaching and connecting with potential clients. While B2B telemarketing may still be in the toolbox, there are other tools that may be more productive to the company's goals:
Website optimization

Before a company adds more marketing tools in their strategic plan, it's important to maximize existing initiatives. The company website is a great place to begin. An optimized B2B website is an excellent strategy for gaining clients. According to a survey by the Acquity Group, 84% of B2B buyers research a product or service online before they purchase. A well-optimized website will show up in search engine searches and drive prospects to the website, allowing the company to capture this potential buyer's information and market to them. An optimized website is an invaluable tool in a company's arsenal, and much more effective than B2B telemarketing.

Email marketing

Generate qualified B2B leads with a well-planned email marketing campaign. An email is easy and inexpensive to send, and is not as intrusive to the prospect as a telemarketing call. Personalized messages or limited time offers included in the email are possible ways to entice the prospect into engaging.

Social media marketing

B2B telemarketing is a direct, sometimes forced way of attempting to gain sales. Marketing on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, or one of the many other social media platforms, is a 'softer' way to engage with prospects. A savvy marketing team can create a plan that will attract and be viewed by many potential clients. Another upside is it is free!

Content marketing

Offering valuable and interesting content to a potential customer is a worthwhile endeavor as part of your marketing plan. It is estimated that an astounding 93% of B2B marketers employ content marketing as part of their marketing strategy. Nicely written, helpful content sets the company apart from its competitors, and engages the prospect in a less aggressive manner than B2B telemarketing.

Keeping abreast of ideas that create the most effective marketing campaigns is integral to being able to generate qualified B2B leads. CMOs who integrate these actions into a comprehensive inbound marketing plan will see powerful results, and the company will enjoy reaping the financial rewards.
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