Bank Marketing Strategies: 10 Ways to Engage Your Community

Posted by Dolores Gonsalves-Irish on November 21, 2014

Gone are the days when the local bank manager was one of the most recognizable people in town. With more aspects of banking being digitalized each year, there is less reason than ever for customers to walk into a bank branch, let alone feel a sense of personal loyalty to their financial institution. Despite the convenience and speed that technological advances provide to society, people still enjoy positive face-to-face interactions with the people they entrust with their resources. Below are some bank marketing strategies that promote community engagement, allow banks to retain existing customers and attract new ones while maintaining the delicate balance between high tech and high touch.

1. Get Friendly with Social Media

Create social media profiles on Facebook and Twitter and update them frequently.  Product information, financial tips and events occurring in the community all make for great posting topics. Additionally, posting photos of staff participating in community activities gives your bank a personality and sense of relatability.


2. Lend a Hand

Paint a house for Habit for Humanity. Take dogs from a local shelter on a hike. Serve holiday meals at a local rescue mission. Select a stretch of road near your branch and hold a trash pickup day. Getting involved in a charitable activity gives your brand goodwill in the eyes of the community.

3. Get Physical

Participate in or sponsor your own charitable walk, run, or bike ride.

4. Throw a Party

Host community gatherings such as Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours events. Hold holiday open houses. Hire a mobile document shredder and host a Shred It Day. Invite school children to schedule a field trip to learn more about finances. Hosting events at your bank will draw in the community.

5. Join a Parade

Build a float or sponsor a group of banner walkers for an annual holiday parade.

6. Collect

Act as a donation drop-off center for a local food bank or nonprofit during the holidays.


7. Be a Sponsor

Be the official sponsor of children’s sports teams, the Boys and Girls Club, or regional music or film festivals.

8. Teach Tech

Offer technology tutoring specifically designed for older customers who may be intimidated by online and mobile banking procedures.

9. Teach Money

Teach money management fundamentals at a local high school or college. Financial literacy programs are on the rise and provide the community with information they seek.

10. Give Grants

Fundraise and provide grants for community non-profit organizations.

There are many fun and fulfilling bank marketing strategies that can engage communities while fostering awareness and a spirit of loyalty. Interacting with your community can lead to a well-established brand persona and increased ROI on your marketing budget.

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