The Ultimate Bank Website Design Checklist

Posted by Lindsay Borgen on September 18, 2015

Redesigning your bank’s website is a huge and extremely important project. It may seem like “just a website,” but so many small details and usability analytics go into creating a good website that caters to the end user. If you’re thinking about or starting to redesign your bank’s website, be sure to incorporate this checklist of essentials into your project!

√ Responsive Design

With the majority of search engine traffic coming from mobile, and Google docking your search rankings if your site lacks mobile compatibility, a responsive design is a MUST. Responsive websites adapt to fit the screen of the device accessing them, giving the end user the most seamless experience.

√ Ease of Navigation

All of your features and information should be easy to find and intuitive to the user. Your navigation should be divided logically and should focus on what you specialize in. Whether your clients are mostly business or you focus mainly on personal banking (or both!), you should cater your navigation to the average user.

√ Softer Color Scheme

Just because you’re a bank, doesn’t mean that you need to use dark, traditional colors on your website. Your site should convey that you're professional while also using tasteful colors that won't overwhelm your visitors. Pastels, complementary hues and welcoming tones can be truly helpful in subtly conveying the right message. Bank website design also includes choosing your photos carefully as well, as imaging affects how customers perceive your brand.

√ Online Tools

Your website should offer a variety of tools to help people manage and plan their finances. These can be as simple as built-in financial calculators for auto loans, mortgages and retirement or as complex as budgeting software. Online tools keep users coming back to your site, creating more opportunity to capture them as a customer or resell them on another product or service you offer.

√ Resources

Financial decisions are usually big decisions and decisions that the average person will look for help on. Make your bank a well established resource and authority on financial subjects. Additionally, make sure your resources can be easily found by visitors to your site. Offering resources that users can easily find will give your brand value in the eyes of a consumer. 

Your bank website design is not going to be an inexpensive project to take on, but if you follow this checklist you can start to increase your ROI through the right design, placement and format of your site. If you are interested in getting a FREE financial web audit to indentify areas of opportunity for your website, sign up by clicking below!

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