Become A HubSpot Expert in Seven Easy Steps

Posted by George Irish on October 6, 2015


If your business invested in HubSpot, chances are you understand the enormous rewards the platform offers. It's vital to ramp up learning as fast as possible. Here are seven easy steps to help you become a HubSpot expert.

#1: Take advantage of their training videos. Dozens of easy to understand videos are at your disposal. Watch each one to decrease your learning curve. Pay attention to the details, and re-watch those that didn't "click" the first time.

#2: Commit to doing it right. An "Eh, we will buy it and see what happens" attitude builds the foundation for crappy results, and you will end up wanting to cancel HubSpot. Attack the marketing adventure with spirit and vigor! You will build yourself into a high performing HubSpot expert in a fraction of the time if you push full throttle ahead.

#3: Define each person's role. HubSpot is an intricate platform with many moving parts, and one person cannot handle it all. Your team must understand their responsibility and how it relates to the overall goals. Clearly define short and long-term objectives and make sure each team member is on board.

#4: Understand how each component fits together. If you churn out mind blowing, keyword-rich blogs, but create no calls-to-action, your results won't thrive. Take time to learn each facet of the system. As a HubSpot expert, you will see how each task is an essential piece of the inbound marketing puzzle.

#5: Identify your buyer, or nothing else matters. You can't sell steak to vegetarians. If you don't pinpoint your company's buyer and grasp their needs and the information they find valuable, your HubSpot initiatives will miss their mark in a disastrously mediocre manner. A HubSpot expert makes developing buyer personas the first goal.

#6: Learn how to read your analytics. Analytics are road maps on how to improve. Embrace them to edit and revise your marketing strategy for greater performance.

#7: Hire an inbound agency. Becoming a HubSpot expert is time consuming and overwhelming. A professional digital agency is a priceless tool in decreases the learning curve and enjoying faster results.

Investing in HubSpot and committing to the training and follow through are key aspects of building a powerful inbound strategy that vastly increases lead generation. Following these seven easy steps enable you to leverage your knowledge to build effective and profitable marketing endeavors.


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