Best Digital Employee Recruitment Strategies

Posted by Dolores Gonsalves-Irish on March 6, 2015

Over a billion monthly job searches occur on mobile devices. Candiadtes will abondon 40% of applications started after they discover the applications are not mobile friendly! Yet only 20% of Fortune 500 companies offer mobile applications. That takes a big chunk out of the available talent pool.

Job seekers increasingly rely on social media platforms, and Human Resources departments are racing to catch up. The 2013 Capgemini Consulting survey found that only 6% of organizations merited classification as “digitally advanced,” using social recruiting to interact with the employee talent community. Adopting effective digital recruitment strategies fosters creativity in staff solutions, allowing HR professionals to engage with candidates through multiple channels.



  • Best Digital Recruitment Strategies

Offer mobile-optimized career sites and smartphone applications, placing all company hiring information in one easy-to-access location. Prospective employees can search and apply for jobs and receive alerts via a mobile app.

Job recruitment videos offer a dynamic way to reach employment candidates with targeted messages in a credible and transparent way. Videos allow companies to explain large amounts of information quickly, simultaneously promoting their brand to engaged viewers.

Crowdsourcing and company branding through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Glassdoor and the company blog can turn content current employees into company ambassadors. Job seekers tend to trust peer recommendations.

  • Best Recruitment Search Engines is a metasearch engine that aggregates many of the major job search engines and boards. The easy-to-use interface offers targeted email job alerts to candidates.

Glassdoor contains millions of pieces of free content from current or previous employees of over 200,000 companies, each with their own candid opinion of the employer. Employees, job seekers and the companies themselves post anonymous salaries, company reviews, interview questions and CEO approval ratings.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network on the Internet serving a dual purpose: a job search engine combined with the ability to network. High quality job postings and the ability to network with colleagues facilitate faster placements.

CareerBuilder is one of the leading job boards providing local as well as national job listings. Resume posting and career advice are available., one of the original job boards, has expanded to include a variety of other resources and apps for job seekers. Monster offers a helpful recruitment and hiring blog for HR professionals.

SimplyHired allows the user to rate jobs of interest, training the job search engine to refine results. SimplyHired has a large network of partner sites and over 8 million job listings.

Craigslist is an often overlooked marketplace for interesting jobs narrowed by geographical location and industry. It functions as a catchall for small and large businesses, non-profits, governmental agencies and creative fields like writing and design.

As an authority in the Human Resources Recruitment business, Strategis has been using digital media since its inception to help organizations in their hiring efforts. Recruiting and retaining talent in a competitive marketplace is an evergrowing concern for nearly 70% of organizations. With each passing year the digital gap between tech-savvy job seekers and those who hire them is narrowing. More now than ever, it's imperative that HR professionals optimize methods available to attact the best employees. To learn more about LinkedIn and how to use it to obtain the most skilled talent click below to download our E-book below.


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