Top Google Pranks This April Fools 2010

Posted by strategisadmin on October 1, 2014

1. Google Changes It’s Name to Topeka

In response to the City of Topeka’s announcement that it is changing its name to Google for the month of April, Google has in return decided to change it’s name to Topeka. Not quite sure this is true? Just Topeka it.

2. Where Am I? Pluto.

Smartphone users that log on to Google Maps and type “Where am I?” into the search bar might be surprised to find that they are further away from their intended location than they thought. Google Maps users will find that instead of receiving the usual latitude and longitude coordinates, they are receiving answers like “Neptune,” “Apollo 17 landing site,” and “Mordor, Middle Earth.”

3. Your World Now in 3D

When using the Street View on Google Maps, users are given the option to view their location in 3D. Unfortunately for me, I forgot my 3D glasses at home today and haven’t been able to test this out for myself, but having spoken to a reliable source, I know that this works. Just zoom to street level, click on the orange icon wearing the red/ blue glasses and watch as your world becomes 3D.

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