What's your reputation worth?

Posted by strategisadmin on October 1, 2014

The measure of your reputation is what you do plus what others say about you. You can manage your reputation and even influence it by the things you do or choose not to do. However in the end your reputation is not decided upon by you. Reputation is earned.

Here are 3 tips for managing your reputation:

  • You are your network! - You may have control over the details of your online profiles and photos but a few simple clicks may show that the profiles of your friends and family are not as secure. If you want to manage privacy, reputation, and your security to any extent, you have to think about those around you.
  • If you can't delete, compete! - It's always a good idea to ask people to remove embarrassing and inappropriate content about you, in most cases the best course of action is to make sure that YOU are the first and best source of information about yourself.
  • There an industry around "Reputation Protection" - Soon enough there will be services available to offer "the digital equivalent of tattoo removal." A host of services to promise the safeguard of your identity and reputation online (like the services credit card companies offer for identity protection).

There is no doubt that more and more content about our lives is being published and shared online. Understanding how to manage your online presence is critical to sustaining your reputation.

How are you maintaining your reputation?

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