More Newspapers to Charge for Online Content

Posted by strategisadmin on October 1, 2014

Do you still pick up the paper in the morning? Read the headlines while sipping your morning coffee? Or do you scroll through the news on your ipad or blackberry on your way into the office? Well if you’re like a lot of people these days then you probably get your news online.

Once for free but now… you might have to start paying for it.

The Worcester Telegram & Gazette joins a small but growing list of newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal and Newsday that already charge for some access to their websites. According to the Boston Globe, "the Worcester T&G will begin charging some online readers for locally produced news content on its website,"

Currently, all online content is available for free to T&G newspaper subscribers however nonsubscribers are only allowed to read as many as 10 staff-produced articles a month. If nonsubscribers wish to exceed that number, they must pay a fee. Only stories written by T&G staff will be subject to fees. All other content will remain free to all users, such as stories from news services, photo galleries, and videos.

How will these changes affect your readership? Will you pay for online content or go back to reading the newspaper the “old fashion” way?

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