Recruiting through Social Networks

Posted by dayo.aja on October 1, 2014

More and more companies are turning to social networks to find qualified job candidates. Jobvite, an e-recruitment provider, recently conducted their third annual Social Recruiting Survey which proved this to be true.

According to the survey results, more than 80% of companies use or plan to start using social networks for recruitment, and more than half said they had successfully hired a candidate found through a social network. The most popular social recruiting channels include LinkedIn (78%), Facebook (55%) and Twitter (45%). LinkedIn was not only the most popular, but also provided the most success - about 90% of companies who have hired through a social network reported they found the candidate on LinkedIn.

The 2010 Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey found that the success in this area is leading employers to increase recruiting program spending on social media and decrease spending on more expensive recruiting channels, like job boards and search firms. When it comes down to candidate quality, survey respondents rated social networks significantly higher than job boards.

Companies are continuing the look for the most cost effective, efficient way to reach new talent. Through social networking, recruiters can find the right talent without making a major investment. Does your company recruit through social networks? Have you found this method to be successful?

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