Jump on the Pinterest Bandwagon!

Posted by Lindsay Borgen on October 1, 2014

There have been many emerging social networks in recent years, but Pinterest is definitely one to take notice of. Started in 2010, Pinterest did not take off immediately, but as soon as it caught on its growth became the fastest in social media history. According to an article by Gayle Falkenthal featured in the Washington Times, Pinterest now ranks third amongst the most used social networks behind Facebook and Twitter with over 104 million users. Women dominate the Pinterest user base as of now, but men are starting to catch on as well.

Pinterest aims to connect people around the world by allowing them to “pin” and “re-pin” photos of things they enjoy. You can pin anything; from beautiful landscapes to delicious recipes, Pinterest has it all. Each user’s Pinterest profile consists of boards, where all their pins are displayed. These boards can be titled anything you want, from “dream house” to “clothes I love,” and you can have as many boards as you’d like. Friends go through one another’s boards to re-pin things that they enjoy. Many users also purchase the things they pin, making it an extremely important marketing and business tool for companies.

Because of Pinterest’s easy-to-use set up and appealing visuals, people have become obsessed. It’s the new, trendy network to belong to, and the few clicks that it takes to pin something to your profile turns into hours of exploring pictures and products. So even if you belong to a few other social media sites, think about giving Pinterest a try!

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