The New Foursquare Is Here: Where Will You Check-Into?

Posted by strategisadmin on October 1, 2014

The updated Foursquare has made a fantastic app even better. The app has now been streamlined to three simple tabs; Friends, Explore, and User.

The Friends tab now lets you like and comment on activity just as you do on Facebook and Twitter.

‘Explore’ is a nifty new tab which allows you to find friends, local specials, trending areas, and uses check-in data (i.e. places you check into, places your friends have been) to recommend places to you. Finding the “best burgers in town” has never been easier!

Best of all, you can now check-in on any tab by simply clicking the right button, thus eliminating the need to return to the main menu to check-in to the latest hotspot!

If you still haven’t jumped on the Foursquare bandwagon, now is the time!

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