"Your move, Instagram" - Mobli

Posted by strategisadmin on October 1, 2014

Move over Instagram. There’s a new photo-sharing app in town and it is bound to change the game in the already revolutionary photo-sharing app marketplace.

Mobli is available for iPhone users, Android users and even you loyal Blackberry users out there. (Instagram is not available for Blackberry users at the moment.) Mobli lets you view and share pictures with the social media world in real-time. Unlike other photo apps, which only let you view a user’s photos if you are a follower or friend, Mobli allows you to view all content through channels sorted by location, subject, or person. This app works as a Twitter of photo sharing, as you can view trending photo subjects from around the world! It can also do what Instagram does, with image filters based on locations, events, and time.

The creators of Instagram have plenty to be nervous about, as Mobli looks to surpass the former in both versatility and functionality. Game on.

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