Consolidating Your Email with Inbound Marketing

Posted by strategisadmin on October 1, 2014

This is the second of four entries in our e-mail marketing blog post series. The first entry can be found here.

A company e-mail works most effectively when it ties in with the rest of your inbound marketing. Here are some easy steps to accomplishing this feat.

Add Social Media Buttons to Your E-Mails

In this day and age, your company most likely has a social media site. The next time you send an e-mail, be sure to tie-in your social media sites by adding social media sharing and follow buttons to your e-mails. It’s a bulletproof way to promote your business across all channels.

Social Media E-mail

Create Targeted E-Mail Based on Social Media

Whenever someone mentions you on Twitter, don’t forget about them. Using integrated marketing analytics (i.e. Hubspot), search for e-mail subscribers that have mentioned your company on Twitter and respond to them through specialized e-mails with targeted information.

Keywords, Anchor Texts, and Alt Texts
These three are essential to your company’s SEO, so don’t forget to include them. Be sure to include relevant keywords at the end of every message. Add anchor texts, or clickable texts in a hyperlink, throughout your message. When posting images, you should add appropriate descriptive alternative text for images in case they don’t display. All of these will maximize your e-mails target audience.

Alternative Text

Create an HTML Version of Your Email
Too often does a person receives an email but is unable to view the content/images included in it. Fix this problem by using email tools such as Hubspot to create a HTML version of your email along with a plain text version. It will give your e-mails more functionality and aid your SEO.

E-mail with broken images

Test Your E-mail for Mobile Devices
A sizeable amount of e-mail is opened through mobile devices such as smartphones. The key to creating a quality email is creating buttons and links that are easy to click on any mobile device including those with touch screens.

Don’t regret sending another e-mail message again! Linking social media, adding hyperlinks and keywords, and adapting your email for any device will ensure that your emails make a lasting impression on your business.

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