Sender Score: The Credit Score of E-Mail Marketing

Posted by strategisadmin on October 1, 2014

This is the third of four entries in our e-mail marketing blog post series. The first two entries can be found here and here.

17% of all emails delivered never see the inside of a recipient’s inbox. When your company sends its email, its deliverability depends on your sender’s reputation a.k.a. The Sender Score.

Sender Score Report

The Sender Score is to your email deliverability what a person’s credit is to his car and housing finances. It measures the reputation of your outgoing mail server’s IP address on a scale of 0-100. Similar to credit scores, Sender Scores work like a percentile ranking, as an IP address against other IP addresses. Mail servers inspect your sender score before deciding what to do with emails. Thus, a low Sender Score will hurt the chances that your email reaches your audience’s inbox.

Don’t let your email become another statistic. You are more than welcome to ask your email service provider about their Sender Score. You can also facilitate a strong Sender Score with these helpful tips:

  • ONLY email people who have had a prior relationship with your business. Third-party lists will not fit this description.
  • Create an unsubscribe list if you haven’t done so already.
  • Get rid of contacts that you haven’t emailed in a blue moon. They won’t be expecting your email and will more than likely mark yours as spam.

Like your credit score, your Sender Score can make or break your reputability. Thus, creating deliverable e-mail content is imperative to executing a winning e-mail campaign and a reliable company reputation.

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