Best iPad Apps For Small Business

Posted by strategisadmin on October 1, 2014

Consolidate all the bells and whistles of your company office desk into your iPad with these nifty apps.


This app is exclusively designed for Apple and helps you create and edit letters, memos, and reports. It works with iCloud and comes with 16 templates.

Price: $9.99


Provides task management by project, place, person or date. It comes with a map that helps you see the actions closest to you, allows you to break large tasks into smaller ones, and coordinates with Siri. The top rated task management app in the iTunes app store!

Price: $19.99 on iPhone; $39.99 on iPad


Send and schedule updates for your social media profiles from almost anywhere. HootSuite also lets you translate from over 50 languages.

Price: Free for up to five social media profiles

Hoot Suite

Intuit Go Payment

Accept credit cards with your iPad using this free card reader and app.


Create quick diagrams, process charts, page layouts, etc with built-in stencils and more. It turns your iPad into a canvas.

Price: $49.99


Access your photos, docs, and videos anywhere with Dropbox!

Price: Free

Drop Box


Sign documents from your i.Pad securely using your finger or a stylus.

Price: Free

Quickoffice Pro HD

#1 office editing suite for iPad helps you create and edit Microsoft Office docs, spreadsheets, and power points along with PDF files.

Price: $19.99

Scanner Pro

Scan checks, agreements, and receipts with your iPhone/iPad.

Price: $6.99
Scanner Pro 4

iThoughts HD

Got an idea? Capture them, sort them visually, and share with others with iThoughts HD!

Price: $9.99


With this app, you’ll never need a pen and notebook again!

Price: $0.99

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