The Piktochart Phenomenon

Posted by Lindsay Borgen on October 1, 2014

Our world is becoming more and more visual, and those who do not realize this will soon be left behind. With sensations like Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr dominating social communications, the focus has shifted to visuals. A company called Piktochart has realized this, coming up with infographic templates for people and companies to use to display information.

Infographics are a huge trend right now, but they must be used effectively to display the information they hold. Piktochart offers over 75 themed templates with each one tailored to presenting a certain type of information. The key to utilizing infographics well is to make dry, boring information attention-grabbing and interesting. You should not overload an infographic with too much text; it should be easily followed and not overwhelming. The colors need to be appropriate and eye catching; you want to pull your audience into the information by making it visually appealing. Sites such as Mashable (a news source for social media and technology news) use infographics to accompany their stories for an enhanced visual effect. Companies and media alike can benefit from using infographics effectively.

Piktochart infographics can be used to spice up almost any information. Comparing different companies’ presence on social media? There’s a theme for that. Explaining complex environmental issues? There’s a theme for that. Presenting a project for a class? There’s a theme for that. The best way to take advantage of Piktochart creatively is to take the time to choose the best theme, colors, and set up to effectively display your information.

There are many fads that come and go in the world of social communications, but I believe that Piktochart will still be making its mark in 2013. According to this infographic about infographics, infographics that are high quality (such as the ones you can create in Piktochart) are 30 times more likely to be read than plain text articles. So the next time you have information that you want to communicate, think about invigorating it with Piktochart.

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