Apple Announces Release of the iPhone 5

Posted by dayo.aja on October 1, 2014

In San Francisco today, Apple held an event announcing its release of the next generation iPhone, confirming its name, the iPhone 5. Controversy over the 5th generation iPhone being called a 4S rather than a 5 created quite a stir with techies from all over, almost guaranteeing that the next generation iPhone would follow suit.

The iPhone 5, as described by Apple CEO, Tim Cook, will feature:
• Taller 4 inch screen
• Added 5th row of apps
• Thinner (18%) & Lighter (20%) than 4S
• Made entirely of Aluminum & Glass
• 16:9 aspect ratio (like HD video) and 1136x640 pixels

After last year’s release of the iPhone 4S, Apple lovers have been anxiously waiting the arrival of the iPhone 5, which is scheduled to begin shipping September 21st, along with the new iPhone Touch and iPod Nano. It will be 4G LTE capable and will no longer work with Google Inc. services, choosing to use its own instead when it updates its software as planned.

In expectation of the iPhone craze, many competing phone companies like Nokia and Samsung have been announcing the release of several new smartphones. Phones, like the Galaxy S III, that have been available for months already offer the same upgrades and features as the iPhone 5. However, the demand of the iPhone 5 is higher than any of its predecessors. It seems that people are following the simple idea of once an iPhone, always an iPhone.

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