iPad Mini’s Anticipated Release- Apple’s Savior?

Posted by dayo.aja on October 1, 2014

Rumors are circulating that Apple is about to reveal its newest tech gadget, the iPad mini. The iPad mini will be closer to (but still larger than) the Kindle Fire in size and is likely to sell for an amount in the $199-$299 range. Of course, Apple has not made public any official statements, just a strategically placed leak here or there, but the iPad mini is expected to hit the stores sometime before the Holidays. adding to the growing list of affordable cool technology gift options.

Although Apple has steadily been on a valuation incline this year, as of Tuesday October 9, 2012, Apple stock had decreased by 10 percent. Hopefuls look to the release of the iPad mini to turn things around. According to the Wall Street Journal over 10 million units of the iPad mini have already been ordered. The iPhone 5 and the speculated iPad mini are two of the products unveiled since the death of Apples co-founder Steve Jobs. Since his death the company has tried to live up to the image that the icon once spectacularly portrayed. Tim Cook, Apple’s new CEO has had the tough task of trying to integrate his personality into the company. The release of the iPad mini will be one of his first steps. What do you think of the iPad mini?

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