New Social Media Site Breaks Ground in Breast Cancer Fight

Posted by strategisadmin on October 1, 2014

Stepping into the social media landscape is, an online social network that aims to connect breast cancer patients and survivors to each other. Through detailed profiles of their cancer type and treatment plan, these women are given a comforting virtual space to interact and bond despite this distressing disease. As the first social network to cater specifically to breast cancer patients, is utilizing the power of cyberspace to spearhead the fight against breast cancer.

Developed by MyHealthTeams, a California based company that specializes in creating social media sites for people suffering from chronic diseases; MyBCTeam is making leaps and bounds in both the social media and health care industries. Not only does the site provide a network of support between patients and survivors, but also offers a directory of health providers who can be referenced during treatment. To further enhance connectivity amongst its users, MyBCTeam has developed iOS and Android applications for on-the-go support and connectivity, not to mention accompanying Facebook and Twitter accounts that offer insightful articles for cancer patients, seen here:

MyBCTeam’s features are unique in comparison to medical discussion boards and information sites. The social network offers one-on-one interactions between patients and survivors, rather than cold information that can be quite daunting to delve into.

It has been highly noted that a close support system during treatment of the disease is a crucial factor in recovery. Aside from their families, doctors, and spiritual leaders, breast cancer patients are given a further extended system of support that is bound by strength beyond this disease. Spanning beyond this technological feat is a greater achievement that has been made to enhance medical recovery with the aid of social media.

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