New Kid-Friendly Cell Phone Squeakin’ to a Store Near You!

Posted by Dolores Gonsalves on October 1, 2014

Panicking over what to buy your little tot for the holidays? Check out the new Pipsqueak cell phone, offered by Yip Yap. Developed by an innovative husband and wife duo, the cell phone operates through mommy and daddy’s grown up Bluetooth connection, receiving rerouted incoming calls from select phone numbers. Lucky for mom and dad, there are no contracts or fees associated with owning the phone.

This inventive little toy was designed in the hopes of sparing parents the costly damage following their child’s mishap with their smartphones Although it may be hard for any little tike to let go of a cool touch screen, the Pipsqueak comes chock full of engaging features including a MP3 player, walkie-talkie capabilities, and a voice recorder. This is not to mention the variety of vibrant phone cases and a charging station that will have any three-year-old ready to start their own company.

Although the phone is not in stores as yet, you not only have the opportunity to buy the phone for your child, but also to invest in the future of the toy’s market success. Husband and wife team, Michael and Angela Smith debuted Pipsqueak on Kickstarter, a funding platform where patrons can invest money towards sending creative projects to market. If you’re interested in the product, you can donate at different dollar levels in exchange for bundle sets that include the phone, varied cases, a headset and charger. For example, at the $50 pledge level, you can obtain the phone, a limited edition faceplate, a wall/vehicle/USB charger, and fun stickers to decorate the phone. Donations currently stand at $11,419, with a goal of $187, 545 to reach by November 30th at 11PM.

Now there are probably some of you think that this product is asinine, giving your children an open chance to grow up faster than they should; however, I beg you to consider a different perspective. In our constantly evolving world, where technology becomes obsolete in a matter of months, you may be robbing your child of a head start in our hyper-connective society. This is not to mention that your tot will surely develop their social and cognitive skills by using this product, whether they’re talking to their imaginary friend Henry or Nana Gabby out in California. If you’d like to take a gander at investing in your child’s development, I’d suggest that you check out the Pipsqueak Kickstarter page and pledge your support to giving another child that very same chance.

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