Which Social Media Network is Right for Your Business?

Posted by strategis.intern on October 1, 2014

It’s no longer up for debate: Social Media needs to get thrown into the PR and Marketing mix. Gone are the days when social media networks were considered a luxury reserved for techie companies or businesses destined for a younger consumer market. Companies of all size— from small, neighborhood mom-and-pop shops, to booming, global corporations—have recognized the value in having a cohesive and captivating social presence. Social Media is the space where marketing, sales and customer service collide. It’s the space where sales increase, where marketers get insight and where fans develop loyal relationships with their favorite brands.

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Social Media Examiner’s End of the Year Report (2013) found that 79% of marketers had integrated their social media and traditional marketing activities, and over 78% of participants found that increased traffic occurred with as little as 6 hours per week invested in social media marketing.

The only question up for debate, then, is which social media site is best for your business?

As of May 15, 2014, the eBizMBA Rank lists the top 15 most popular Social Networking sites as follows:
1) Facebook
2) Twitter
3) LinkedIn
4) Pinterest
5) Google Plus+
6) Tumblr
7) Instagram
8) VK
9) Flickr
10) Myspace
11) Meetup
12) Tagged
13) Ask.fm
14) MeetMe
15) Classmates

Do you work in events, hospitality or entertainment? Perhaps a content-sharing service like Pinterest would be a great way to connect with current and future clients. A image-based profile such as Instagram could not only boost new followers, but boast your recent work and projects.

Do you sell a service as opposed to a product? Consultants, writers and anyone looking to market their expertise should consider networking on LinkedIn where they can meet industry professionals and post links to their articles and blogs.

Slideshare is great for scientists, technicians and analysts as it allows fans to bond over reports, “how to” guides, etc. Outdoor companies can find niche fans on Yonder, a social networking site for fans of outdoor sports and lifestyles. Artists, art dealers and collectors can convene on deviantArt’s site, as well. In the world of social media, there is something for everybody.

Now, could you imagine a hospital with an Instagram, or a political campaign with a Tinder account? Exactly.

You might recall the NYPD’s recent run in with Twitter and hashtag use when an attempt at community building turned into a walk down memory lane of police brutality. As one Twitter user said, “Lesson number 1 about hashtags: just because you created one doesn't mean you own it. #myNYPD

nypd hashtag disaster
Is it necessary to have a profile on all of these sites to be successful? Absolutely not! In fact, we don’t suggest you do. Knowing which social community to join is a question of knowing your business and your target audience.

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Your fans want to hear from you, let Strategis share your social voice.

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