Can IP Targeting Increase Your Business? Yes It Can!

Posted by George Irish on October 25, 2016


Intensify Your Online Lead Generation

Is your sales team only using email and phone calls to follow up with interested prospects? Is their workload heavy and their ROI light? Are key prospects falling through the cracks and out of your sales funnel? Would you like to utilize online advertising to re-connect with qualified leads, but aren't sure where to begin?

IP Targeting may be the solution you seek!

Features You Will Love:

  • Easy set up: Give us a list of past leads, we match their IP addresses for you
  • Specifically targeted: When those leads surf the web, we deliver your branding message in front of them, on the sites they visit
  • Zero waste: Unlike other advertising, IP targeting ONLY hits the consumers you have identified

IP targeting offers unique benefits to the advertiser that are not available with other platforms

Key benefits include:

  • Reaching your targets more often. The process does not require cookies, so IP targeting isn't derailed with consumers who don't allow them.
  • Specifically targeting. IP addresses allow you to target leads with your branding message in both their business and residential environments.
  • Maximizing of advertising dollars. With IP targeting, companies are able to hit their mark more often, decreasing the chance of wasting the budget in front of non-viable consumers.
  • Offering definitive measurability. Reports allow for tracking of click through rates and key ratios to help define the cost-per-lead, as well as overall campaign success. Tracking advertising ROI has never been easier!

Get the most out of your advertising efforts by ramping up your digital message's reach to your exact audience with IP targeting.

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