Capitalizing on Marketing Analytics as part of B2B Growth Strategies

Posted by George Irish on March 5, 2015


Dynamic content has been written and published. Strong inbound marketing campaigns have been executed. Social media messages have been outlined.

Now what?

Business who are aggressively pursuing B2B growth strategies are embracing the power of inbound marketing to generate qualified B2B leads. Once the path of an inbound marketing plan has been traversed, there is another journey ahead: tracking and digesting the resulting marketing analytics. Building a marketing plan and then failing to review its analytics is comparable to a person going to college and then not checking to see if he passed his classes and earned his degree!

Don't be THAT guy!

5 ways smart CMOs use marketing analytics to track and optimize campaigns are:

#1: Measure online traffic. Periodically review the number of people visiting the website. Valuable information includes how long they stayed, how many pages they viewed, and which pages are viewed most often. This data directs a smart marketer to the type of content the buyer is interested in, a priceless jewel of knowledge to possess when choosing the direction of new content.

#2: Quantify social media engagement. B2B growth strategies can greatly benefit from the 'buzz' that a strong social media campaign can stir. Dig into the company's social media interactions, and become an expert on which posts garner the most attention. Are different topics popular on different sites? Then tweak the strategy to focus on the favorite topics of each platform. Make certain the posts are attracting relevant readers. Edit any social media campaign that doesn't show a reach to the targeted audience.

#3: Gauge the conversion rates. The goal of an inbound marketing campaign is to generate qualified B2B leads. How many leads were generated? What percent of traffic became a lead? Knowing this will light the path to a greater conversion rate.

#4: Assess the ROI. Divide the total amount of sales brought in by the investment. Is it enough? If not, revisit, edit, and energize the current campaign.

#5: Reach a conclusion to build upon. Analysis is simply figuring out where you are as opposed to where you want to be. After exploring the analytics, shape the marketing strategy to better drive the overall B2B growth strategies.

Tightening marketing budgets demand that CMOs and their marketing teams maximize every effort. By scrutinizing current marketing analytics, edits and additions can be made that will add to current B2B growth strategies, and increase the bottom line.

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