Choosing B2B Lead Generation Companies Is Like Kissing Toads To Find Your Prince

Posted by George Irish on April 16, 2015


We have all heard the story about the princess who had to kiss many toads to find the one that became her prince.

Settling on one of the many B2B lead generation companies can seem exactly the same. With so many businesses claiming to be able to drive traffic and increase leads, how can a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) ever make a decision?

Consider these four important elements when deciding which of the B2B lead generation companies you will choose to assist your company with developing and executing lead generation best practices.
#1: Can they show the numbers? A sure-fire way to know if a company is a toad is if they croak on and on about how '"they are the best" but have no evidence to back up their claim. During the introductory meeting, ask questions about how much ROI you can expect from the investment of their services, the time it takes to recoup your investment, and the savings their strategy saves in, on average, customer acquisition costs. If any of these questions results in a blank stare and no cold hard figures, you need to mark them off the list.
#2 Do they have the references? Inquire about the types of companies the B2B lead generation companies normally work with, and make certain they are somewhat familiar with your particular industry. Ask for a few references, and follow up with a phone call. Talking with satisfied customers who are receiving satisfying ROI goes a long way toward proving this company is indeed a prince.

#3: Are their services flexible? Depending on where your marketing team already is in developing the company's lead generation best practices will determine just how much assistance you require. Explain your situation and gain assurance that the company can help you in reaching your specific goals and improve on your weaknesses. If you encounter B2B lead generation companies that don't listen to your concerns and try to push a one-size-fits-all approach, you have found yourself a big toad!

#4: Is their follow up impressive? Hammering out inbound marketing strategies and creating plans to generate qualified B2B sales leads will not happen overnight. If the inbound marketing company's representative fails to return phone calls and emails on the front end, take that as a sign of communications down the road, and keep looking.

Choosing the right marketing company to consult with and assist in designing your company's lead generation best practices is a big, important decision. It's essential to take your time and find the one who will meet your specific needs, show a good ROI, and help to generate qualified B2B sales leads that positively impact the bottom line.

And then you can live happily ever after.

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