Consider a B2B Technology Marketing Agency For Generating Qualified B2B Sales Leads

Posted by George Irish on May 20, 2015


Blog posts, eBooks, calls to action, OH MY! The marketing team's plate is overflowing with inbound initiatives from creating content to assessing performance. The most important point to bear in mind is......buyers are human!

A fatal mistake of any marketing initiative is getting so caught up in B2B automation you lose sight of the fact that potential leads are normal people with jobs and workloads. Consulting with a B2B technology marketing agency is a productive way to successfully build inbound lead generation strategies. Here are 4 ways to appeal to buyers:

Appeal to their hearts. Savvy marketers can create content that appeals to the buyer's feelings. Share a slice of your company's culture and add personal touches such as real people's signatures (NEVER sign anything 'from your sales team'. Just don't).

Engage their brains. Buyers who are searching for information on the web are doing so to fill a need. The more precisely you can predict your prospects' needs, the more successful you will be at creating content that attracts their interest and leads them to you and your product.

Mobilize their hands. Offer content that draws the lead down the path to your company. Motivating them to click on calls to action, download an eBook or whitepaper, or register for a webinar are noteworthy examples.

Romance their eyes. Visually pleasing content is key to establishing contact with a lead. Long, boring paragraphs that are hard to read will turn potential leads off. Create interesting infographics and visually pleasing blog posts, framing the main points in bold or italic print.

Beseech their egos. All humans like to be positively recognized. If a lead who is looking for a solution to a current issue feels your product or service is the key to solving their problem, it's natural they would feel proud of finding the answer. Content that generates leads should be chock full of benefits to the reader, as well as problem solving examples.

Marketing is not just numbers, percentages, and open rates. It is appealing to humans who are striving to solve real world problems. In order to build the strongest inbound marketing strategy possible, marketing teams should consider hiring a B2B technology marketing agency, who can assist in building campaigns that will attract targeted potential buyers.

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