Credit Union Customer Acquisition Strategies: Is Inbound Marketing the Key?

Posted by Lindsay Borgen on April 23, 2015

The days of blanket or mass marketing are behind us. A new generation of educated buyers and abundance of marketing messaging in the marketplace calls for a more modern approach to marketing. TV and radio spots, direct mail, and in-your-face marketing practices are no longer as effective as they once were. Inbound marketing, pulling your customers in towards your brand through relevant information, is the key piece you need to improve your credit union customer acquisition strategies.

Instead of the forceful, pushy tactics of outbound marketing, inbound marketing focuses on creatively earning customers by piquing their interest and providing them with the content they are looking to consume during the right time in their search. Inbound marketing success is based on the keyword research and target personas that should be done prior to implementing these inbound marketing strategies.

Create and maintain a blog. Blogging is an indirect way of promoting your brand, products and services. Your blog should not be a sales pitch, but rather an informative content source providing users with information or education about subjects they are searching for. Providing relevant content that does not come off as a sales pitch will help build trust in your brand and help you capture customers that are already actively searching for financial services or information.

Effectively utilize calls-to-action. You can acquire customers without being too forceful or pushy by giving them the option to engage with your brand. A call-to-action, such as "Click here to get started" gives the customer one-touch access to obtain more information or request a consultation.

Use social media as a tool. Over 70% of people who use the internet also use social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media platforms have redefined the way we communicate with each other. This noninvasive approach to marketing allows your customers to communicate with you without ever walking into your office.

Relevant keywords are vital for optimal web traffic. To ensure all of the hard work you invest into your online presence converts to customer acquisition, keyword research should be performed. Utilizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and keyword research to optimize your online content will help your website and blog rank highly in search engine results.

Track and analyze your inbound marketing plan. The ultimate goals of your credit union customer acquisition strategies are to drive traffic, increase the ROI on your marketing efforts and increase credit union revenues. One of the best benefits of inbound marketing is that all campaigns are completely trackable and can help you prove ROI. Continually monitor analytics to optimize your inbound campaigns continuously.

Inbound marketing is unique in that you are advertising in a manner which takes the emphasis away from selling. Remember to focus on engaging the customer, keeping them interested, and nurturing a path for the sale.

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